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Wedding Packages​

Here you can see some of my weddings I have done over the past years. I will cover at the house or hotel at the church prior to the ceremony during the ceremony after the ceremony, Between the ceremony and the reception, At the reception hall, Table shots and any other special requests.

Budget Packages​

Mini BudgetPackage  $350.00

108-Photos            Wedding   or          Reception Only. 

Album Included.     

Budget Package


 1-11"X 14"

 5-8"X 10"

 120-Pictures At Wedding

Album Included

Deluxe   &    Supreme

Budget Package  $650.00.                

2-11"X 14".                  10-8"X 10".              144-Pictures Taken at Wedding.    Album Included.    

Supreme Package


2-11"X 14".  

2-8"X 10"



Custom Album

Supreme  Package

Supreme Package 


1-16"X 20".              

4-11"X 14".                

6-8"X 10"                96-4"X 6"                Custom Album  

Supreme Package   $1,300.00

1-20"X 30"

1-16"X 20"

4-11"X 14"

10-8"X 10"

120-4"X 6"

Custom Album

A Bea​utiful Wedding

​Please Contact  Us  For More Information And Booking

I do not charge by the hour but by the package you choose

I am with you from the beginning of the wedding to the end of the wedding.

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